Presidents Report April 2019

Collaboration is our focus for 2019. 

At our April Breakfast we heard from 4 of the Federal candidates for the division of Bowman. While the RCCC take a bi-partisan approach to all levels of politics as advocates for Redlands businesses we acknowledge how important your vote is and we ask you to consider your local businesses in that process. 

We encourage you to consider the person and the policies of the party holistically. What strategies do they have for the future business ecosystem required for a sustainable Redlands Coast economy? Are they serious about the Redlands Coast small businesses and jobs growth? Do they have a willingness to collaborate respectfully with other levels of government?

Your vote does matter and so does Redlands Coast Businesses.

I am pleased to report that the Redlands delegation to the 2019 Smart Cities Summit & Expo in Taipei was a good example of how people working together can deliver Smart solutions for world-wide issues – Education, Environment, Transport, Emergency Services, Security etc. 

The willingness to share innovation & Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with other Australian regions and international participants was very encouraging.  Sharing knowledge and solutions via collaboration is possible and reaffirmed to me the power of people, when they come together and the value of community and connections.  

BUSINESS SURVEY: We’d like to hear from you, members and non-members. 

Please take 3 minutes and go to HERE

Proudly yours in business

Lynne Sturgess



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