Presidents Report June 2016


Australians are disillusioned with a long boring election campaign fixated on talk back radio agendas dominated by encapsulated statements and media grabs.

Overseas we have the British referendum on the continuation of England in the EU and the US election campaign. In all 3 plebiscites voters will be tested as to whether they ignore their long term economic interests in favour of short term populist urges.

In a tough economic environment with waning confidence- there a lack of political will to engage in meaningful debate on what is required to improve the situation.

CCIQ has championed a campaign detailing four issues critical for small business.  

1. RED TAPE reduction

2. Simplified TAX SYSTEM

3. Making it easier to EMPLOY PEOPLE


At every level of government regulation is suffocating business.  The taxation and financial systems are virtually impossible for the average small business person to understand and comply with.   Inordinate resources are spent on compliance and regulatory burdens which have no direct benefits for business and the community.

The Chamber of Commerce is seeking increased workplace productivity through skills development, cost relief and changes to fair work laws; tax reform and re-allocation of spending priorities.

Garry Hargrave, President

Redland City Chamber of Commerce

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