Presidents Report December 2018

The Redland City Chamber of Commerce Executive Team wish everyone a naturally wonderful, happy and safe holiday season. 

May 2019 see prosperity for our businesses and community, where we continue to grow and thrive. To that end, we need to have a sustainable local economy.  We need collaboration, strong community connections and job growth. 

The Redland City Chamber of Commerce (RCCC) is a non-political, non-for-profit organisation whose focus is on positive outcomes that attract investment and build business and employment opportunities that support our unique Redlands Coast Way of Life. 

With a pending Federal Election, tension is building, and consumer confidence low as it is impacted by the combination of banking lending changes, expensive fuel prices and political instability. 

As we head into an election campaign, the RCCC calls for our local politicians: Federal including Candidates, State Members of Parliament and Local Government Representatives to work together and say no to “mudslinging” or “sledging”. 

We say “No” to bullying and harassment in the Redlands electorate and “Yes” to bipartisan collaboration.  We seek professional and respectful behaviour from our elected officers. 

We need leaders to set the example for our community, our children, youth and employers. We want Redlands’ leaders to be the change and represent the Redlands community in a positive, safe environment. 

We say “No” to personal mudslinging and attacking each other for political points. May 2019 leave Social Media to be “social” and not a platform for negative campaigning. Let’s keep negativity as far away from the Redlands as possible. 

With this in mind, I have invited Andrew Laming MP, known Federal Candidates, State Members Don Brown, Kim Richards, Mark Robinson, Mayor Karen Williams and all Redland Councillors to a closed, round table meeting aimed at getting agreement to reduce the “mudslinging” and look at how we can build a bipartisan future environment focused on economic growth, environmental sustainability and community outcomes for Redlands.

We hope 2019 is the beginning of a new way for Redlands’ politicians (and inspiring politicians at all levels of government) who appreciate that an elected position is a privilege, not a power play opportunity.

We want passionate people “on purpose” without putting others down. Leaders who want to build strong partnerships, deliver on well thought out infrastructure development, attract positive business investment and increase employment opportunities.

We value our “naturally wonderful” Redlands Coast and believe that business “honey” will bring prosperity into the Redlands not “vinegar”!

Yours in business

Lynne Sturgess


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