Presidents Report June 2019

After being away for a bit travelling, I return with a renewed appreciation of the natural beauty, calm bay, peaceful lifestyle, green space and community connections that I find at my Redlands Coast home.    

I am grateful for our lifestyle and I invite you to look around in appreciation.

Acknowledge the Naturally Wonderful Redlands Coast and shared its attraction via your words, marketing, branding and actions in business and community messages. 

Gratitude is a simple, yet powerful quality which improves our life and the lives of those around us.  I personally get inspired by working with positive people who empower and support me in my business and life. 

The Chamber is about collaboration and I encourage you to join us in connecting with other local businesses, volunteer in your community, collaborate with your suppliers, customers and network.

Tap into the energy you feel when you get a referral from a satisfied client.

Tap into the joy you get from helping someone else.

Tap into the positive vibe you get from a job well done.

Tap into the power of being part of the Redlands Coast Business community. 

Make the conscious choice to let positivity and gratitude be the energy you need when you feel overwhelmed by daily pressures.

Keep your energy at the max by surrounding yourself with a supporting community.

The willingness to share knowledge and solutions via collaboration is the way to have sustainable local business community.  Work together – keep it local. 

Enjoy the connections you make and look local first.

If you want to build your business join us at events, enter the 2019 Redland Business and Retail Awards or look for links to resources at

Or thinking of growing your business, check out Queensland Government Small Business sites: or

Yours in business

Lynne Sturgess



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