Presidents Report October 2016

Spend locally this Christmas

The Melbourne Cup is once again upon us. For many businesses the running of the Cup is the start of the wind down for the year. Where did 2016 go?

However for many businesses the retail activity through to Christmas determines their economic outcome for the year.

Retail activity is the lifeblood of our community. It drives the services, the entertainment, the goods and the recreation we all enjoy. A vibrant retail sector is essential for a functioning community.

Whilst we have large players within the market place, retailing is largely made up by mums and dads, brothers and friends from our community who are giving it a go. They deserve our support. Dollars spent in Redlands stay in Redlands. The buck stops here.

By shopping locally we create local choice and diversity, more jobs and help make Redlands a destination and activity centre.

Unfortunately two-thirds of our working population does not work within Redlands. Too many workers commute to other areas, taking with them not only their jobs but their social activity and spending dollars.

The 2016 challenge for the Chamber and the community is to ensure we patronise our local retailers to create a stronger more vibrant Redlands.

Garry Hargrave, President

Redland City Chamber of Commerce

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